Colonels in the Community

Colonels in the Community

Colonels in the Community is an initiative started in the2016-17 school year to showcase the community service projects and activities of Centre College’s student-athletes and athletic teams.

Each month, Colonels in the Community will highlight the various acts in the community done by individuals and teams alike, as well as tally the hours for each month of the school year, with the end goal of 5,000 total hours of community service by the end of the spring semester.

“At Centre, we take our role in the holistic education of our student-athletes seriously,” said Director of Athletics and Recreation Brad Fields. “A critical component of helping shape Centre students-athletes for lives of learning, leadership, and service is the impact of community service.  We are blessed to have a tremendous platform through intercollegiate athletics, and what a misstep it would be to not seize that opportunity to transform our students as well as make an impact for good in our community.  I hope you enjoy this ‘Colonels in the Community’ section recapping and highlighting just a portion of this service learning that goes on with Centre Athletics.”  

Links to each of the monthly updates on Colonels in the Community can be found below.

August 2016

Centre Baseball and Softball with The Overcomers

September 2016

Special Olympics Flag Football

October 2016

2016 Wrap-Up

January 2017

February 2017 - Centre Field Hockey with the After School Program

Please contact Ashley Taylor with any updates or projects involving Centre athletes in the community.

Ashley Taylor – External Relations Assistant (Community Service/SAAC)
Office: 859.238.8753