Dance Team

The Centre College Dance team is a team of up to 12 women who perform during the football and basketball seasons. The team performs a variety of routines during halftime of games, from hip hop to jazz to contemporary and pom. 
One of the most important aspects of the Centre Dance Team is that each member has the opportunity to choreograph and is highly encouraged to do so. The team practices two days a week for a total of four hours in the recently built Kitty Baird Center behind Farris Stadium. 
It does not cost to be on the team, as most of the attire is paid for. There is no fee for clinics.
Dance Team clinics are during First-Year orientation starting on Thursday. For more information, please contact the captain, Katie Malone, at

Current Roster

Katie Malone

Dorothy Scalf

Jill Nafziger

Sarah Bridges

Madison Jeziorski

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